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How to Up Your On-Court Style Game


Whether it’s Russell Westbrook in bright paisley at a press conference or Dwyane Wade collaborating with yet another menswear brand, our attention has been mostly off-court lately when it comes to basketball style. (Then again, in-action they’re all dressed eerily similarly.)

But although the pros all have to wear matching tech-y uniforms when they step on the court, there’s no reason that your on-court accoutrements can’t have a little extra stylishness. So we rounded up some of the most dapper sports gear on the market to elevate your pickup-hoops-related handsomeness to the next level.

Shooting for three, now:

0415basketball1S&H Athletics Rice Crew Sweatshirt

0415basketball2Todd Snyder Faded Champion Tank Top

0415basketball3Orlebar Brown Tailored Sweat Short

0415basketball4Anonymous Ism Organic Cotton 2 Line Crew

0415basketball5Leather Head Naismith Style Lace Up Basketball