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How to Survive a Polar Vortex

  • Kempt Staff


The wind chill in NYC this morning: 14 below. The wind chill in Chicago this morning: 25 below. The wind chill in Minneapolis: so cold, the mercury in the thermometer just gave up and formed the words “STAY HOME.” (Okay, we might have made that up.)

Point is: it’s fricking cold out there.

So we polled the warriors of Kempt HQ on how they stayed warm as they subwayed, cabbed and/or walked (!) their way to work. Consider it some useful advice for the next polar vortex (God forbid):

I broke out my Cabela’s goose-down hunting parka, which in all honesty is the warmest thing I’ve ever owned. I couldn’t locate my winter hat, though, and my hair froze on the way here.

I wore a heavy hoodie underneath my normal jacket, and a sweet Club Monaco Fair Isle hat. Oh, and I scowled a lot.

Years of Catholic school education taught me one thing: flannel PJs under the uniform (in this case, jeans).

I dug through the sock drawer for my warmest wool socks, considered calling in sick instead, decided against it and then added approximately 3 mph to my walking speed.

Two Aether shells under my peacoat; one pair of silk long underwear under my jeans (purchased last night from Paragon and oddly comfortable, plus light enough that I’ll be fine in office... I think); two pairs of socks; one knit hat that gives me terrible hat hair because I left my better one in a cab; thoughts of hot toddies on the train ride in.

I wore two pairs of socks and my warmest wool sweater and pulled my scarf up over my face. I also attempted (failed) to take the bus, so instead endured a 30-minute walk in 14-below temps. I still can’t feel my thighs.