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How Mad Men Gave Itself the Mad Men Treatment

  • Najib Benouar

Mad Men

A little show called Mad Men returns this Sunday.

And heralding this great news has been one of the most stylish ad campaigns we’ve seen in a while. (Not that we’d expect anything less.)

We’re especially digging the chalky illustrations that look like they could’ve been borrowed from the boardroom easel of Draper’s latest pitch. Which isn’t far off, considering the artwork was done by a real-deal advertising illustrator from the 1960s: Brian Sanders, who actually lived the life and lives to tell the tale. AMC recently sat down with Sanders to hear some of it and got a look at the illustrations in their various stages of production—which reveals some interesting details, like the inspiration photo collage depicting Don Draper walking past himself (in the lighter gray suit).

Take a closer look...

Mad Men

Mad Men

Mad Men

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