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Hoist the Canvas


With WASP-fever running rampant through the industry (and Cape Cod approaching vacation temperatures), we thought we’d take a look at a staple of New England living: the canvas satchel.

Instead of the discontinued L. L. Bean version, we’re turning our attention to a version we saw on our recent jaunt through In God We Trust. The bag is canvas trimmed with leather, sewed together in Portland, Oregon (by native hipster artisans, we’re sure). It ends up as an inspired replica of the original, with a different logo to remind you where you got it.

The bag comes in dopp kit, computer, tote, and duffel sizes, depending on how long a Newport holiday you’re planning. We’re partial to the computer size, but for sartorial rather than technological reasons. It’s just enough for a weekend trip, if you keep things minimal.

And the look is good enough that you can pretend it comes from the other Portland.