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Higher and Higher


Miller High Life inspires a lot of loyalty these days, and no small part of it is thanks to legendary documentarian Errol Morris. A few years back, Morris lent his keen eye and populist cred to a series of TV spots that did more good for the brand than a celebrity endorsement ever could. Morris just put all 80 spots on his website, and we must say, they’re every bit as fantastic as we remember.

The genius of the ads was focusing on what High Life already did right. It was the beer of bowling alleys, home improvement projects, and backyard grills. And as the nostalgia for old school masculinity was peaking, Morris was there with just the right amount of irony. His documentary chops show up in the occasional jerking pan, but the real star is the endearingly scraggly narrator. Who knew you could sell beer by being avuncular?

(As luck would have it, these clips were posted to vimeo by Continuous Leaner and fellow High Life aficionado Michael Williams.)

Pole Cat — Miller High Life from Michael Williams on Vimeo.

Pondering — Miller High Life from Michael Williams on Vimeo.