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High Teq

  • Jared Paul Stern


As Anthony Powell noted, books do furnish a room; here at Kempt, we believe bottles do too. The good-looking ones, that is—keep your shelves well stocked with both and you'll never lack for something to read or drink. But tequila has so far lagged behind the rest of the spirits world when it comes to attractive packaging.

Most distillers seem to think no one will buy the stuff if the bottle doesn't scream “south of the border.” So when El Mayor first caught our eye we thought it was a new cognac. More like the cognac of tequilas. The name in Spanish means simply “The Greatest.” More Muhammad Ali than modest, the “ultra premium” potion comes in three varieties—Blanco (unaged), Reposado (aged nine months in white oak barrels) and A‚àö¬±ejo (up to three years)—and the company motto is “Devastating Beauty, Impeccable Taste.” But don't just sit there goggling—drink up.