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Here Are Your Winter Must-Haves

  • Kempt Staff

1203_MustHaves_2 If you can’t quite put your finger on why things are feeling more wintry on Kempt all of a sudden, we’d like to direct your attention to our left column.

Because we’ve just updated our must-haves with a fresh crop of seasonal necessities. We’ve got you covered on everything for outfitting yourself, your walls and your state of mind (a few might require a little creativity). But most of all, they’re here to serve as inspiration for the colder months to come.

Your winter wonderland begins now.

1203_MustHaves_1A Snowball Slingshot: You should always be prepared for a good-natured snowball fight. This is your secret weapon—it should tuck easily into your briefcase.

1203_MustHaves_2Some Vintage Ski Inspiration: Your walls and your next ski trip could use a handsome reminder of the more glamorous days on the slope.

1203_MustHaves_3A Polar Trench: For when it gets mind-numbingly cold.

1203_MustHaves_4“Superwarm” Alpaca Socks: See above.

1203_MustHaves_5A Cozy (Cocktail) Den: This is where you’ll spend most of your time waiting out winter—preferably on a familiar stool, in a classic bar, with a bartender who knows your name—so choose wisely.

1203_MustHaves_6A Ticket to Somewhere Warm: For when the cocktail den just isn’t providing enough respite.

1203_MustHaves_7 Reindeer on Your Wrist: Firstly, it’s better than reindeer on your sweater. Secondly, this very rare collaboration between the watch fanatics at Hodinkee and legendary shoemakers G.J. Cleverley is sourced from Russian reindeer leather recovered from a 227-year-old shipwreck off the coast of England.

1203_MustHaves_8An Epically Jazzy Playlist: Luckily, there’s an app for that—the legendary jazz label Blue Note has just unveiled a Spotify app filled with their best stuff, dating back to 1939.