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Here Are Your Fall Must-Haves

  • Kempt Staff

Autumn The fall gear is already trickling into shops and the air is getting crisper by the day.

And now it’s really feeling like fall here on Kempt, because a brand-new batch of Must-Haves just landed in their semipermanent home in our left column. We’ve put together an autumnal cornucopia of the upcoming season’s greatest wants and needs—amongst them moleskin trousers, maple booze and a dash of unexpected tweed. We invite you to take a look below, drink in all of the autumnal-ity and revisit them to your left whenever you need a refresher.

Without further ado, your Fall Must-Haves:

A Team Jacket P0000324-0004

A Timekeeper321965_mrp_fr_l

Maple Boozetap_it

Some Unexpected Tweed 70066-main-001

A Game of Pigskin090211_CollegeFootball

Moleskin Trousers tr404wnexx

A Tailgate bluechevypickup

Tickets to a Show 3389-Jones-Smith-Quinto-wide-1024x682