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Hello, Moto

klein_crop.jpgJennifer Livingston for Details

The globe-trotters over at Details just put up a few backstage snaps from the Fall ’08 shows in Milan and Paris, and we were a little surprised at how many up-collar leather jackets and tough fabrics there were. From Calvin Klein’s woven take on the biker jacket to Louis Vuitton’s helmeted models, motorcycle fashion seemed to be the order of the season.

Apparently they’re trading up their Vespas for something a little more substantial. The biker look hasn’t been this big since Easy Rider, but these bikers are slimmer and more…European.

It’s certainly fuel efficient, but we aren’t sure what this means for us on the other side of the Atlantic. Varvatos has been into bikers for a while now, but he’s stopped short of putting out anything street legal.