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Ah, the Scandinavians. Always pushing those margins and always, somehow, still looking sober and strangely sensible (is it the months of darkness? The vodka?) Somehow between the madness one might see on your average Harijuku street-fashion site, the louche, Parisian reportage of The Facehunter and the imminently restrained sensibilities of The Sartorialist, the styles captured on HEL Looks seem a little out there, a lot interesting and, at times, actually wearable.

Even if pantaloons aren't your thing, there's a lot to learn about matching plaids and white trousers and casual layering. Oh, and there's nothing wrong with giving the Finnish ladies a once over as well.

Visit HEL Looks on exhibition if, you know, you just happen to be in Latvia.

HEL Looks