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Now that we’re caught in the puzzling medium between deep winter and t-shirt weather, we’re breaking out one of our favorite spring items: the heather gray sweatshirt.

A good one will be every bit as warm as your fall sweater, but it comes off a whole lot more summery thanks to memories of outdoor gym classes and Sunday leaf raking. Throw a collared shirt under it—you’re a long way from gym class, after all—and you should be all set.

Now, to consider your options:

The version above is a recreation of a 30s era Wilson model—like all the best vintage retreads, it’s Japanese—but Levi’s Vintage also makes a throwback that’s worth a look. Billy Reid’s Biloxi pullover has a special place in our heart, but it’s been displaced by the latest season’s gear, so you’ll have to do some serious digging to find it. And if you want to venture even further downmarket (we’re not judging), the American Apparel version isn’t too bad either.