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Head to Toe: Socially Conscious Garb

  • Kempt Staff

japanese_oxford_mode_white_front1 When you look good, you feel good. That’s a given.

But there’s a next level: doing good.

And with all of the new socially conscious brands out there these days, you can find just about everything your daily wardrobe requires—while knowing you’re helping those in need, by actually clothing them Toms-style, or supporting small endangered co-ops, or building a well in Ethiopia.

Naturally, we’ve gone ahead and found you everything you’ll need to outfit yourself from head to toe in charitable dapperness...

percey-optical-headturn-men_5The Glasses: Warby Parker gives a pair of glasses to someone in need for each pair you buy.

japanese_oxford_mode_white_front1The Shirt: Apolis’s mission is to find co-ops across the globe and use local artisans—like this oxford shirt that supports cloth weavers in Brazil and a 90-year-old tailoring co-op in Honduras.

wc_charitywater_navy_slim_tall_03_3The Pants: These special-edition chinos from Bonobos (in collaboration with charity: water) have already funded the building of three water wells in Ethiopia, and they’re on their way to more.

7bfdad9687f3fdefff908ce2dcce75e5_largeThe Socks: For every pair of socks purchased, Bombas will donate a pair to a homeless shelter (where socks are statistically the most requested items).

10000407-s-fixedThe Shoes: Toms, we couldn’t leave the originators off the list. And they’ve just launched a line of canvas brogues.