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Head-to-Toe Blanket Wool

  • Najib Benouar


Just when you thought this winter couldn’t get any colder, it gets so cold that you’d seriously consider going outdoors swaddled in a giant wool blanket.

Sadly, that won’t be in style until next winter. But luckily, some of our favorite wool mills—famous for making blankets—also cut that thick wool into shirts and pants and... bucket hats.

So, in the event that you’d like every single item on your person to be made of blanket-grade wool, here’s how you’ll do it, from head to toe:

021214_Blanket_1Woolrich Woolen Mills Bucket Hat

021214_Blanket_2Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Scarf

021214_Blanket_3Journal Standard Blanket Shirt

021214_Blanket_4Pendleton Woolen Mills Archive Coat

021214_Blanket_5Johnson Woolen Mills Knit Cuff Pant

021214_Blanket_6The Hill-side Sneakers