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Has Ferris Bueller Sold Out?

Life moves pretty fast, and Ferris Bueller has apparently missed it.

Case in point: he’s traded in Mr. Frye’s Ferrari for a 2012 Honda CR-V. You’re not familiar with the car because you’ve never been in the market for a moderately priced compact minivan with above-average safety ratings.

A 10-second teaser released on the Internet yesterday features a middle-aged Ferris flinging open the curtains and asking, “How can I handle work on a day like today?” John Hughes-ian children of the ’80s almost spit up their New Coke in anticipation of a long-awaited sequel. But according to automotive insiders, Honda is “going to do a Ferris Bueller-style ad for the Super Bowl” that will “mimic much of the original film, except this time featuring Hondas.”

Out of respect for Ferris, we’ll postpone full-scale condemnation until next Monday. But if this is headed where we think it is, Ed Rooney may no longer be the only character from the film who should be ashamed of himself.