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Harry’s Back


Today sees the Blu-ray rerelease of the *Dirty Harry* series. As with most series, the law of diminishing returns sets in pretty quickly—and the less said about Slash’s cameo in *The Dead Pool*, the better—but the first movie hasn’t lost any of its iconic magic. The trick was the timing: Harry took the free-floating animosity of the era, put a right-wing twist on 60s anti-establishment sentiments, and wrapped it all in a tweed blazer. With elbow patches.

It’s easy to forget, in fact, that Clint Eastwood spends most of the movie dressed like a math teacher, with sweater vests, club ties, and other 70s regalia covering up the famous .44 Magnum. Of course, no one dares mention anything. Eastwood’s too busy burning his famous squint into the memory of anyone near enough to see. The style lesson is pretty clear: if they’re all looking at your face, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.