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Jack and the Beantown, Gunn vs. Calves, Yoko Speaks, and More

Yawkies Rejoice: Not only is Jack Spade opening a store in Boston, but designers Matt Singer and Chad Buri are inviting locals to a welcome-to-the-hood cup of cider tomorrow night. [Click for Invite]

Hems Down: Tim Gunn comes out against high-ankled pants—somewhere Thom Browne furrows his brow. [Canadian Press]

Local Hero: Coutorture speaks to Andy Salzer, Brooklyn-bred creator of Yoko Deveraux. [Coutorture]

4-in-Hand: That 4-hour-workweek twerpeven knots his ties more efficiently than you. [Fourhourworkweek]

Blueblood Style: The extremely elite history of J.Press. [Yale Daily News]

The Bro' Code: Apparently, any successful men's product should start with "M" or "J." Do mukluks count? [Perfect Pitch]