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Grooming and Song: Freddie Mercury

Few industries are as inextricably linked to men’s grooming (or, as the case may be, lack of men’s grooming) than music. Whether it’s Little Richard’s curls or the mop-headed young Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show or ZZ Top’s cone-beards or the staggering amount of hair spray bottles depleted on glam-rock tours throughout the ’80s, one thing is certain: how you cut it as a musician has a lot to do with how you cut it as a groomer.

The fact is, we’d have some strong (to quite strong) grooming notes for Freddie Mercury—if he were anyone other than Freddie Mercury. Front men of stadium-packing mega-bands tragically taken before their time most certainly deserve a pass from random men’s style bloggers.

That’s not to say we endorse Freddie’s armpits…

The body hair reached peak offense in the Fat Bottomed Girls era, the video of which reveals a pretty remarkable disregard for the presence of matted upper-back hair. That said, a good friend seems to have caught Freddie’s ear shortly thereafter, as the unfortunate issue never again resurfaced.

But let’s face it, we’re here for one reason.

Few mustaches have had such global influence, as most Eastern Europeans, American police officers and sketchy dudes hanging out at rest stops would agree.

And no mustache has ever taken a bigger stage than did Freddie’s during Queen’s iconic 25-minute set in 1985 at the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium.

It’s also safe to say that no videographer ever took a closer look than did the gentleman on camera B during Queen’s closing number that evening...