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Grooming on Film: Rounders

A great shave can work wonders.

And if you’re in the middle of a five-day poker binge—with no time for sleep—it might be the best thing to keep you on your feet.

That’s the premise behind one of the more charming moments in Rounders, when Matt Damon and Edward Norton pause in their relentless pursuit of a $15,000 bankroll, and stop by a barbershop for an old-school shave.

Let’s just take a moment to savor it.

The scene has everything: the perfectly reclined chair, the ancient barber and above all the hot towel, which we’re going to assume smells faintly of eucalyptus. It’s a moment when two less-than-reputable gentlemen can open up their pores in peace, and forget their (possibly loan-shark-related) worries for a while.

Which is to say, it’s better than sleep.

It’s also a trick just about anyone can pull over their lunch hour, if they’re having a particularly stressful morning. Just pop into a nearby barbershop (preferably the kind with a spinning pole) and tell them your troubles. In 10 minutes, you’ll emerge with a cleaner face, a better complexion and a decidedly healthier outlook on the troubles of the day.

Also, less stubble.