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Granddaddies of Grooming: Julius Caesar

Next time you find yourself envying George Clooney’s swagger or Eminem’s—well, George Clooney’s swagger—offer a tip of the hat to Julius Caesar. Long before the 1990s, the Roman emperor decided it’d be a whole lot less work to take his mane high and tight, and front-comb the rest.

Since then, active, no-nonsense gentlemen of all ages have found great benefit in adopting the low-maintenance “Caesar Cut.”

But how and why, exactly, did a hairstyle remain popular for 2000 years?

Because for 2,000 years, men have been insecure about going bald. Throughout the Roman Empire, a full head of hair was a sign of class and stature, and Caesar did whatever he could to hide his baldness. And the relatively low-maintenance ’do made for easier prep time. After all, Caesar had arguably more places to go and more people to see than just about anyone.

Word is, he passed on “The Donald.”

Roman Empire at the time of Caesar’s death.