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Grand Design


Today, PSFK points us to another web gem. This time it’s a post about pre-experience design. That’s (apparently) what brainy ad folk call your expectation of the product, built up by the various things you’ve heard about it. The shining example is the ubiquitous iPhone ads that made everyone want to be able to turn their phone sideways and “pinch” to zoom. Creating the experience starts before anyone buys an iPhone, the argument goes. If you really want to enjoy that wine, he suggests, you should start by buying an expensive glass.

Although most industries are still catching on to this, it seems to us that the fashion industry has known it since day one. It seems like most of the ads we come across have less to do with clothing than a lifestyle—or, in Tom Ford’s case, an indoor sport—and it’s hard to overstate how much they add to the experience.

Maybe the rest of the industry could take a few lessons from Mr. Teller.