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Grading Olympians On Looks, Seasonal Style, And Fashionable Artistry


Olympic Sized Beauties: Rating a few Olympians not for their athletic prowess, but for their attraction. Any volunteers for sharing the news with the lowest rated? [Ask Men]

Summer Shoe-ing: With heat waves like this comes changes in your attire. Here’s a guide and appropriate, even appreciated, footwear. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Artsy Fartsy: A new fashion draws its influence from different artistic movements. It’s almost as if fashion was an art itself. [Refinery 29]

Stimulus Checks Do Not Stimulate!: In stunning news, stimulus checks had little to no affect on the sluggish economy. Apparently, most consumers spent their tax rebates on food and “fuel.”[DNR]

“Brideshead” Loyalists Revolt!: It seems that remaking an “epic television event” inspires nothing but angst and rage. Perhaps, by now, Brideshead has been visited one too many times. [NY Times]