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GQ Franche


Bonjour, Monsieur: Yon these last 50 years, GQ has served American men dutifully. Now, after successful launches in England, Italy and Russia (‚Äì‚Ć‚Äì?¶‚Äî?Ö‚Äî?Ö‚Äì‚àè‚Äî?®, ‚Ä쬕‚Ä쬙‚Äî?® ‚Äî?Ñ‚Ä쬵‚Äì‚àû‚Ä쬙‚Äî?•‚Ä쌩‚Äì?¶‚Äì‚â•‚Äì?¶?) the title formerly known as Gentleman's Quarterly will be issuing a French edition. While we wonder if the famously particular French will allow a magazine of Western pedigree to influence their dress or take up space in on their newsstands, we know that as long as these labor strikes keep coming in bunches, the Parisians will have plenty of time to read it. Bonne chance, nos amis.

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