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Good Karma


For engineering, design, and just plain style, there’s nothing like a roadster. From *Bullitt*’s Mustang to *Vanishing Point*’s Dodge Challenger, muscle cars have always had their own special panache. Because of goings-on in the world of petroleum, they’re going through something of a sea change…but it’s no reason to get discommoded.

With Detroit taking their time going electric, outsiders like Tesla Motors and now Fisker are stepping into the void. The latest entry is the Fisker Karma, created by the designer of the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW Z8, Henrik Fisker. The hybrid has the same aerodynamic sleekness that makes Aston Martins so appealing, but the company isn’t shy about pushing the environmental angle. For exhibit A, check out the melted glaciers in this press photo. It’s practically a Vanity Fair cover.

Only 15,000 Karmas will be produced this year, although it’ll be surprising if an upstart like Fisker sells even that many. Still, it’s an impressive bit of technology and style, combining 100 miles to the gallon and a 0-60 time of 5.8 seconds. And unlike the Tesla Roadster, it comes in well short of six figures. Unfortunately, having the wrong logo is likely to keep this one out of most garages for the foreseeable future…except for those in the know.

Fisker Karma [via Uncrate]