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Gone Fishin’


Radiohead have taken a crowd-friendly approach since In Rainbows hit filesharing networks in March, but while they made big news with the pay-what-you-want release and opening a few songs up to remixers, their video ambitions very nearly slipped under our radar.

Apparently the band partnered with aniBoom for a large-scale, crowd-sourced music video contest. The plan was to name a single grand prize winner and give them a hard-won $10,000 for their troubles, but the outpouring was strong enough that the band ended up bumping the number of winners up to four.

The results range from mixed-media anime to surreally affecting stop motion, but it’s all perfectly in line with Radiohead’s aesthetic, and produced for considerably less than most major label videos. Our favorite is the Švankmajer-esque stop motion video for "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi," but we’re suckers for a well made puppet.