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Golf Shoes Handsome Enough for All 19 Holes

  • Najib Benouar

Golf shoes

For every new technological development in sports gear, we seem to lose a little handsomeness in the process. (As a quick flip through any vintage issue of Sports Illustrated will confirm.)

But there may be hope yet, because Americana favorite Allen Edmonds has teamed up with legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus to make some seriously handsome golf shoes that have just landed online.

The three styles keep the classic look of what a 1930s Southern gentleman lawyer would wear while winning tournaments in his spare time, yet they’re packed with all the latest technology—from the sports-shoe-like insole, the stability-rim tread and the custom shoe last Allen Edmonds and Nicklaus perfected over the past two years of development. The one thing they have forgone: the clunky spikes that usually turn the post-round clubhouse drinks into a bit of an ordeal.

So at least you can take solace in knowing you’ll be acing the 19th hole, regardless of how the first 18 went.