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Going Norse


One of New York’s most influential boutiques just made the leap to the internet, and we’re happy to say they’re in fine form. Eddie Chai’s Odin has had ecommerce on the mind for a while, but they finally managed to take their extremely local operation—East Village, to be specific—to a national scale.

That’s not to say we expect Iowa City to get nattier overnight, but it matters that Chai’s impeccable selections are now available to anyone who cares enough to punch in the url. And the site offers a lot more than just a box for your credit card number. In addition to lookbooks for each featured designer, the site features remarkably in-depth interviews to give you a sense of why each designer was chosen. It’s the kind of thoughtful curation that our corner of the web desperately needs.

The two featured designers so far are Robert Geller and Engineered Garments and (no offense to Mr. Geller) we headed straight for the latter. They’ve been a Continuous Lean favorite from the beginning, and we’re always happy to see a little extra from them. In this case, that means a quick Q&A with designer Daiki Suzuki about his workwear inspirations—mostly 20s and 30s day laborers, if you’re curious.

And if it makes you curious about how that jacket looks in person, you know what to do.