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Going Mad


Retro-appeal has been around for as long as there have been old clothes, but the version you find in *Mad Men* is definitely more obsessive than the *Happy Days* model. From the size of the xerox machine to the number of stripes in Draper’s tie, each frame is the product of obsessive research.

Of course, that means it attracts fans who are just as obsessive. The result is this post from graphic designer Mark Simonson, cataloging the anachronisms the show has racked up over its first 23 hours. Of course, he mostly focuses on the font-based transgressions—Arial in the credits? How dare they!—but we’re sure there are an equal number of fashion transgressions waiting to be dug up by an enterprising menswear designer. Better get cracking, kids.

For our part, we noticed Joan delivering Peggy’s promotion with the quip, “Medium is the Message,” a full three years before Mr. McLuhan coined the phrase. Let’s just say she’s ahead of her time.