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Going Euro: The Six Swimsuits to Consider

  • Kempt Staff


It’s not unlikely that you’re going to find yourself in or very near a body of water in the next few months.

And should that body of water happen to be on the Iberian peninsula, in the French Riviera, on a lake with an Italian name or at that very European pool party your neighbors throw every Bastille Day... you’ll want the appropriate pair of trunks: ones straight from Europe. There’s just something different about the way they make swimsuits over there—maybe it’s the power-tie-esque patterns, their progressive stance on upper-thigh visibility or those six weeks during summer when the entire continent shuts down while everyone heads to the nearest beach.

So, should you be in the market for a pair of trunks from the land that invented the concept of “summering,” we’ve rounded up your best bets, here:

051514_MYO-SwimwearMYO Swimwear 051514_Our-Legacy-Swim-TrunksOur Legacy


051514_Swim-Co-SwimsuitSwim & Co.

051514_Robinson-Les-Bains-AmiRobinson Les Bains x Ami