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Going Back to Yorkshire


Our old friends at Norsea Industries have come out with a new Autumn/Winter line, and while most of it is the same North England nautical duds we gushed about before, there’s something new this time around. And it looks an awful lot like jewelry.

Well, maybe jewelry is a bit too strong—let’s stick with “accessories.” The latest goods include scarves, loose bracelets, tie and lapel pins, cufflinks, and even a watch fob or two. It’s a little different from the stripped-down denim they were moving a season ago, but it’s not so far off the mark.

The inspiration for the new line was the North Sea fishermen who spent three months on their boats before getting three days of shore leave—during which time they thoroughly paint the town, we imagine. Of course, a fisherman with a little extra change in his pocket might well spring for a watch fob or two…and that’s without a smart phone to keep track of.