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Gitman and Unionmade Have Your New Summer Suit

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

0529Kempt-Gitman-Vintage-Unionmade-Harrison-Suit-Collection The boys over at Gitman Vintage and Unionmade are at it again—this time teaming up for their first-ever suiting collection, introducing the Harrison suit as the headliner.

They’ve got five weaves and colors to choose from for the set, in addition to navy hopsack and seersucker takes on the slimly notched lapel jacket. To complement all that handsome: a myriad of gingham, chambray and broadcloth shirts/pocket squares, along with a couple handfuls of new silk ties.

Here’s a closer look at the stunner of a collaboration: Attached, “0529Kempt-Gitman-Vintage-Unionmade-Harrison-Suit-Collection-1 0529Kempt-Gitman-Vintage-Unionmade-Harrison-Suit-Collection-2 Attached, “0529Kempt-Gitman-Vintage-Unionmade-Harrison-Suit-Collection-3 Attached, “0529Kempt-Gitman-Vintage-Unionmade-Harrison-Suit-Collection-4 Attached, “0529Kempt-Gitman-Vintage-Unionmade-Harrison-Suit-Collection-5 —C.G.