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Getting Cozy with the Icons

  • Kempt Staff


With morning chills getting brisker by the day and holiday lounging on the horizon, we’re dedicating this week to fully preparing you for the luxuriating to come in what we’re calling: Cozy Week.

And to lead off the week, here is your guide to the art of coziness, from the style icons:

1118_Cozy_1Cary Grant

1118_Cozy_2Paul Newman

1118_Cozy_3Tennessee Williams

1118_Cozy_4Matthew Broderick

1118_Cozy_5Marlon Brando

1118_Cozy_6Alain Delon

1118_Cozy_7Rock Hudson

1118_Cozy_8Wes Anderson

1118_Cozy_9Pete Yorn

1118_Cozy_10Truman Capote