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Getting a Jump on the Season

Our old pal Tim Little of Grenson popped up in GQ UK hitting an issue close to home: buying winter clothes in August.

It hits close to home—we did just write a post about sweaters and tweed jackets in 80-degree heat, after all—but we’d like to offer a mild defense of the topsy-turvy fashion calendar.

If you find yourself buying a winter coat in January, you’ve probably spent a good two months shivering. We’re not judging—it’s happened to all of us—but the job of a good store and a good style blog is to keep these things from happening. So on the flip side, once August rolls around, the bloggers and department stores of the world figure you’ve made it through the summer intact, and start worrying about equipping you for the fall.

It’s still strange to be talking about parkas while we’re wearing short sleeves, but it’s a good kind of strange. We’re projecting our wardrobe into the future, planning for months down the line—and if that means a few months lag between buying that sweater and wearing it outside a fitting room, it just means you’ll have something to look forward too.

And if, for some reason, you’re overcome with the urge to buy a spare scarf in late January…there’s always the clearance rack.