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Geishas, Ties and Monograms


Mr. & Mrs. Z: Jay-Z once rapped,"Y'all be frontin', me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothin', never happen', I'll be forever mackin." He lied. [US Magazine]

"Why does anyone in New York buy ties fully priced?": Good question, mate. [Permanent Style]

Team Polo: While the Olympic Torch is struggling to stay lit, Ralph is busy outfitting American athletes. [Reuters]

Party Politics: Pro war. Anti war. Conservative. Liberal. The only thing that really matters is where the candidates stand on beer issues. [Huffington Post]

Fresh Fruit: BR Monogram opens today in the Village. [WWD]

Kempt Kept Men: Thanks to the changing face of Japanese sexual politics you can finally be a geisha. [CNN]