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Gateway Pleats: The Five Pleated Pants to Consider

  • Najib Benouar


Ever since our cautionary endorsement of pleated pants, we’ve been seeing more and more pinched-fronts popping up in fashion week presentations and the more advanced menswear circles.

Mind you, these aren’t the billowing taupe eyesores of yesterday—this new breed of pleated pants somehow manages to look streamlined while also adding a bit of extra movement. (Which, really, was the original intent of pleats.) It’s tough to know where it all went wrong for pleats, but it’s nice to know that things are going right again. So, should you dare to embark on this next-level sartorial shit...

Here are the five pleated pants to consider as your jumping-off point:



042414-Gant-Rugger-Pleated-PantGant Rugger

042414_Saint-Laurent-Pleated-PantSaint Laurent

042414_Loro-Piana-Pleated-PantLoro Piana