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"Gangnam Style" Style: 5 Notes On The Most Viral Video of All Time

  • Najib Benouar

This week, the music video/dance phenomenon that is “Gangnam Style,” from Korean pop’s prodigal man-child Psy, has entered the record books as the most watched Internet video of all time. We’ll link it here, in the rare event you’ve just woken from a long coma, but here’s the gist: a baby-faced man dressed in a colorful assortment of tuxedos, spectators and one curiously triple-breasted button-down shirt dances amid horses, boats, lasers and explosions (usually caused by the power of dance). It’s exactly as good as it sounds.

There are a lot of reasons the video has become the most virally viral Internet sensation of all time—Psy himself cites the “strongly addictive beats and lyrics ... thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy,” which we couldn’t agree with more—but we think it really comes down to the seriously stylish undertones of the whole thing. Sure, at the video’s heart, the characters and their dress are meant to be send-ups on Seoul’s nouveaux riches, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate the style of Gangnam.

So we bring to you a look-by-look breakdown of this millennium’s most famous style (and possibly, some Halloween costume ideas).

In the opening scene, we’re most interested in the sunglasses. They’re great. Though the shorts vaguely remind us of Chubbies.

Here’s a subdued moment in a blue dinner jacket. Psy spends most of the video in some form of black tie—and this getup is our favorite. (In crunch time, you might be able to pull some form of this out of the closet for Halloween.)

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: the triple-breasted button-down. Truly awe-inspiring.

This shot is mostly for the story being told here: the morning-after tuxedo look, the helipad yoga, the yoga-ers. We’ve all been there.

The only way you’re going to steal the scene in an already over-the-top video: show up in a yellow-silk, double-breasted suit and sneakers (a coincidentally on-trend move). Well played, sir/ma’am.