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Apparently Mrs. Bruni’s marriage—and less-than-savory photographic past—hasn’t dimmed her prospects as a model. Apparently the UK supermarket chain ASDA has dumped their current spokesperson in the hopes of landing the French First Lady. Maybe they’re after a break on their export taxes.

Of course, since ASDA is the British equivalent of Wal-Mart, Bruni actually accepting the offer is about as likely as Sarkozy modeling for Calvin Klein, but it’s gotten us thinking. If the first lady is trawling for endorsements, we could think of some better suited campaigns. For instance, she could do worse than representing the motherland in a Louis Vuitton spot, even if it means sharing a photographer with Keef. We’d love to see her in a Tom Ford spot too, but it might be more than our boy Nic could handle.

And we’re still looking for the new face of Kempt...

via The Guardian