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From Our Watch Guy: The Leap Year

  • Najib Benouar


If there’s one thing that our vintage watch travails have impressed upon us, it’s this: The big names are big for a reason. Patek Phillipe is a prime example, especially their Perpetual Calendar.

They’ve spent the better part of a century perfecting it—and making a few different versions—but most pieces have the usual configuration: day and month at noon, moon phase and date at six. Usually. Today we stumbled upon one just a little different, but in a good way, known simply as Ref.5050.

What you’ll notice is the small window at noon (pushing day and month to three and six, respectively) with a roman numeral. It’s counting down to the next leap year. A perpetual calendar—as opposed to an annual calendar—will never have to be reset, and takes the 29th of February every four years into account. And instead of circling the moon phase window (displaying a sun for am, a moon for pm) the date is a half arc spanning from eight to four. All of which gives this Patek an even more unique feel—in case wearing a $70,000 watch doesn’t already feel special enough.

If you’re curious, drop us a line and we’ll let our watch guy know.