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This weekend, we dispatched our fearless stylist to help a friend in need of an outfit for the Gotham Awards for independent film. He doesn't own a suit (pour soul) and wanted to dress up for this event, but he was disinclined to spend really big bucks for something he might wear only once a year. Makes sense.

So we set a modest budget limit of $1200 and started by looking at some sale suits from John Varvatos and Hickey Freeman before settling on a black, 2 button jacket from Theory matched with a straight leg trouser. The whole kit came in just over $1000. There was enough in the budget to stop by Jeffrey's for a black patent leather Lanvin belt that, with black boots, will complete an extremely laid back but dressed up look.

As a 2-piece suit, it can match with a casual or formal button down, a tie, or even just a t-shirt. The look is 50s mod and 80s rocker inspired (especially with a slim black tie), easy to wear for its color, shape, and proportion. While any black suit is easy to call a funeral suit, appropriate styling makes it less sinister and perfect for any nighttime event. Unless you're going for sinister. In that case, you might want to add a fake mustache. Or a real one.