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Freida Pinto is Hungry Like the Wolf

Cash, Money, Clothes: Jesse Thorn’s love of fine tailoring gets him in trouble with haters, forcing him to drop some science. [Put This On]

Borne Back Ceaselessly into Menswear: A style appreciation of F. Scott Fitzgerald. We’ll say it: the man could pull off a three-piece. [Apartment Therapy]

A Growing Demographic: Seven ruthlessly calculated pitches for TV ads to appeal to the stoner market. “Finish with a clip of a coconut being drunk through a straw by a monkey sitting next to a waterfall and four seconds of an MGMT song where they aren’t talking about trees.” [GOOD]

On the Case: The Brooks Brothers guide to your work bag. Whether you wear a suit to work turns out to be pretty important. [Rogues & Gentlemen]