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Forging the Right Ties

  • Najib Benouar

It’s been said that a tie is worth a thousand words... Okay, maybe we’re a little off on that saying, but nowadays ties aren’t often required as daily wear, so what you choose to dangle from your collar can say a lot. Naturally, you’ve seen the handsome offerings from the Drake’s, the Hill-Sides, the Olchs of the world—all here, of course—but today we’ve stumbled upon a little gem of a capsule collection.

A small batch of embroidered silk repp ties by Kirk Miller of Manhattan’s culty bespokery Miller’s Oath for the unapologetically erudite periodical The Paris Review. They’re snooty ties with French... ties—the Parisians have long been the gold standard in snootiness—and they’re embroidered with the magazine’s original insignia: a bird you’ve probably never heard of, the hadada. Sure, there’s a lot of haughtiness packaged in here, but they’re good-looking, well-made ties nonetheless. (Whether you care to share their backstory is up to you.)

Plus, they’re something to keep in mind if you’re trying to score points with a bookish dad the weekend after next...