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For a Good Cos


Bill Cosby is a pretty unlikely style icon, but we’re willing to bite. He’s put three of his iconic sweaters up for auction on eBay, and so far no one’s taken the bait.

We have to admit, we’re a little surprised. These jazzy numbers pack more 80s baggage than all the Members Only jackets and guyliner in SoHo. And it’s to benefit the Cos’s education charity, so high-rollers shouldn’t balk at the four-figure price tag. Maybe M.I.A. wants one?

Of course, if you’re after the *most* stylish period of the Cos’ career, you might want to check out the Culp-fortified *I Spy* series, recently big-upped on Slate as “an ideal integration of cool in the Marshall McLuhan, Arthur Fonzarelli, and Miles Davis senses of the word.” We aren’t sure what the Fonz has to do with it, but the man certainly knows how to pull off a flipped-collar.