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Five Failing Institutions That Should Get into Menswear

  • Najib Benouar

USPS Fashion

The recent news that the US Postal Service is launching a clothing line in an effort to right its financial woes has taken the menswear blogosphere by storm.

While we’d rather not speculate too much on the upcoming line until we see it (other than that the name “Rain, Heat, Snow” suggests a lot of outerwear and a hunch that a lot of “mail-carrier blue” will be involved), we’re excited about the prospect of menswear saving faltering institutions. It’s so crazy, it just might work. And if it does, we can think of a few more American companies in financial distress that could benefit from starting their own menswear lines.

Wherein menswear saves the day... and Twinkies: the Five Companies That Should Follow the USPS into the Menswear Game.

The Company: American Airlines The Collection: AmericanA The Inspiration: A doubling down on the heritage trend with era-specific beaver pelts, coonskin hats, miner’s overalls and scratchy underwear.

The Company: Kodak The Collection: Kodak Still Has Its Moments The Inspiration: A combination of gray flannel suits, fedoras and tees printed with images of those fake family photos of the Drapers that Don used in Mad Men during his famous Kodak carousel pitch.

The Company: The Oakland Raiders The Collection: CHYOLO The Inspiration: Raiders fans’ general disregard for their own mortality combined with the style elements from their low-rider-owning contingent. (And banking on the surging #menswear cholo micro-trend.)

The Company: BlackBerry The Collection: Forever Never Not Unbuttoned Anymore The Inspiration: An entire line of clothing with no buttons anywhere—dress shirts with zippers, pants with hooks, lots of Velcro—as part of a last-ditch attempt to do with clothing what they could never do with phones: make something good without buttons.

The Company: Hostess The Collection: The Donettes The Inspiration: Womenswear is the new menswear. Poodle skirts are the new leather kilts. The 1950s are the new 20teens. Street-goth begets goth-greaser. West Side Story meets Rick Owens meets the Pink Ladies.