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  • Jared Paul Stern

Phineas Cole

Ever since the recent debut of venerable Madison Avenue clothier Paul Stuart's dandified, crypto-modern Phineas Cole line, we've been trying to place the clothes—and the name. Where had we come across such a combination before…?

Then it hit us over our evening dram of Laphroaig 30—someone at Stuart's must have been watching *Around the World in Eighty Days*, the 1956 adaptation of the Jules Verne novel starring David Niven.

In the Oscar-winning flick, Niven plays Phileas Fogg, a dashing Victorian toff who bets his friends at the Reform Club that he can make a circuit of the globe in the allotted time. He does so, dressed to the nines, and picks up a beautiful Indian princess along the way. Some of Phileas Fogg's outfits bear a striking resemblance to the Phineas Cole offerings, especially the jazzy dove grey number pictured here. Coincidence? We think not. In any case, it's just the thing for traveling by hot air balloon.