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Flying Buttress

yohji_crop.jpgMonica Feudi via IHT

It’s fairly common for a writer to stretch a thin idea farther than they should. Generally, the worst that happens is a puffier-than-usual puff piece. But when a designer does it…things can get ugly.

The International Herald Tribune reminds us of just how ugly this week, with an article and slideshow dedicated to the unfortunate confluence of architecture and fashion, currently being examined at London's Embankment Galleries. The exhibit hits the highlights of great moments in architecture and horrible moments in style, including the above picture of Yohji Yamamoto’s bamboo-assisted hat. Sadly, the concept of the ridiculously-huge hat has yet to trickle down to the mainstream, to the relief of movie theater patrons everywhere.

A rule of thumb: If you have to buttress it, you should consider moving down a size.