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Five Upgrades to Your Shaving Arsenal

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

1001KMT_Hed_Updated With the onset of October, fall is looming close. Here at Kempt, that means serious prep work: we’re rewaxing our canvas, lacing up our boots and pressing our finest woolen suits.

With our wardrobes on lockdown, we’d be remiss to overlook the necessary tools required for managing autumnal facial scruff.

However tempting it may be to simply grab a Bic and proceed, there’s a whole slew of grooming excellence out there to consider. We’re here to help you navigate.

Herewith, five upgrades to your shaving arsenal:


Baxter of California Safety Razor Set


Harry’s F/W Truman 1001KMT_Shaving_3 Dovo Astrale Straight Razor 1001KMT_Shaving_4

D.R. Harris Four-Piece Shaving Set 1001KMT_Shaving_5 Merkur Chrome Double-Edge Safety Razor