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5 Times You’re Allowed to Wear Scarves Indoors

When it comes to men wearing scarves indoors, there isn’t necessarily a hard-and-fast rule one way or the other. The ascot, a haughty great-uncle of the scarf, has been a mainstay for centuries, and a handful of notably well-dressed men have successfully pulled off the look of late.

Essentially, this is a risk/reward issue, and in our opinion, the risk severely trumps the reward. That’s because wearing a scarf indoors is undeniably pretentious. Every time. No doubt about it. Friends will roll their eyes when you leave the room and expect you to correct their grammar upon returning. Your date will likely make a list of things for which she expects you’re overcompensating, and your waiter will likely add a 20% dickhead premium to your bill. Lippy kids will call you a dork.

So hook the scarf as you would a hat. That is, unless...

You’re a tenured MIT professor.

You’re an aviator.

You are German and/or have an irrational fear of catching cold.

You’re in the cast of Rent.

You’re a rock star.

But let’s face it—we’re not any of these things.