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Five Thoughts on Last Night’s Mad Men

  • Adam Weinberg
  • Jeff Dufour
  • Najib Benouar
  • Sam Eichner
  • Shawn Donnelly
Five Thoughts on Last Night’s Mad Men

Every Monday from here on through the end of the road, the minds behind Kempt are sharing our thoughts on everything from Don’s tan suit to Pete’s beef with the world on last night’s Mad Men.

There and Back Again: “I think Matthew Weiner was hinting at his ending when he had Don say to Roger, ‘What’s in a name?’ I think Don is going to change his name back to Dick Whitman. Don is tired of running away from his past and he wants to be free. This truth would set him free. That, or he’ll jump out a window.” —Shawn Donnelly

AMC’s Next Tentpole: “Finally, some plot development. And finally, some movement on getting Scout’s Honor on air. I think AMC should pick it up for fall sweeps week.” —Jeff Dufour

Five Thoughts on Last Night’s Mad Men

Campbell vs.: “Shout-out to Don’s secretary, Meredith. So much gumption, so little tact. She’s perfect. Also, Pete would have century-old beef with the headmaster of a prestigious private school. Almost felt like that was a little in-joke among the writers. His relentless loathsomeness seems increasingly more tongue-in-cheek these days.” —Sam Eichner

Five Thoughts on Last Night’s Mad Men

Adam’s Fun Fact: “So it looks like Pete Campbell’s daughter won’t be attending Greenwich Country Day School in the fall. Which unfortunately means lil’ Tammy will never have the chance to make small talk at future alumni gatherings with the likes of Bill Simmons, the Winklevoss twins and the 41st president of the United States, George H. W. Bush.” —Adam Weinberg

Five Thoughts on Last Night’s Mad Men

Tanning Notion: “Don’s tan suit. Pretty slick. We don’t spend much time outdoors in the Mad Men world, but I assume that meant it was an exceedingly nice day out. Roger broke out his trusty old blogger-blue double-breasted blazer to rally the troops with the big news. It did not have the same dazzling effect as the first time he wore it. There was more grumbling this time.

“And can somebody explain that sombrero hanging from Don’s hat rack? My only guesses are that it’s a memento from Don and Megan’s Acapulco honeymoon, or a leftover from Lou Avery’s tiki bar setup. But as far as intrigue over inanimate objects goes this season, it’s right up there with that red wine carpet stain. I’m dying to know more.” —Najib Benouar