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Five Statements from Last Night’s Tuxedo Games

In many ways, we were glad for the lightly humdrum proceedings last night because it gave us a chance to concentrate on what’s truly important: the tuxedos. The competition was fierce, between Plummer’s playful velvet and Clooney’s usual impeccable kit, but we were able to pick out five getups that rose above the crowd to make a statement. In case you missed it, here are the five takeaways...

You’re Never Too Old for VelvetChristopher Plummer came in as a certified favorite, so he could get away with just about everything—including a playful blue velvet jacket, roughly the sartorial equivalent of his charming, indulgent speech. (Coincidentally, Tom Ford showed up to Vanity Fair’s after-party wearing close to the same thing.)

Old Hollywood Always WinsHis job was to look like a ’20s-era Hollywood star—and thanks to a wing tip collar and a Lanvin tux, he pulled it off beautifully. By the end of the night, he was flirting with Meryl Streep as if he’d been in town for years.

The Black-on-Black TuxedoChristian Bale was the only one who pulled it off, but between Scorsese, Jonah Hill and Robert Downey Jr., the black-on-black tux had a definite moment last night. We’re reserving judgment until we see it work on someone other than Batman.

The Limits of the DBWe love a double-breasted tuxedo, but despite having Tom Ford and six months of trendiness in his corner, last night Tom Hanks mucked it up. Instead of lending some continental swagger, the jacket just added 20 pounds. Come to think of it, Hanks was never much for continental swagger in the first place.

Clooney Will Be ClooneyOut of the park, every damn time.