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This month’s GQ had a few nice items, but we have to take issue with this bit of wisdom (on p58, for the curious):

Fingerless gloves have always struck me as too raggedy—fine for a punk rocker or a chimney sweep, but that’s about it. This season, though, Bottega Veneta has turned that notion on its head and is offering cashmere fingerless gloves that are more than chic. I love the idea of a punk rocker (a rich one) in full-on rock garb but with luxurious gloves

When their target buyer is a rich punk rocker, it’s usually not a good sign.

Bottega’s mistake is a classic one: taking a prole staple and dressing it up with cashmere and expensive embroidery. Fingerless gloves are nice when you’re actually working, but all that soft wool is going to get torn up pretty quickly, and in the meantime your cuticles are getting frostbite and your bass player is calling you a ponce.

Naturally a rich punk rocker has other people to carry his amps for him…but it could be that he’s missing the point.