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Field Report: Todd Snyder’s Next-Level Outerwear

  • Najib Benouar


Another dispatch from New York Fashion Week, which—so far—is persisting, despite the impending storm.

Leave it to Todd Snyder to somehow take all three trends we’ve been seeing lately—fur trim, leather and belted outerwear—and turn them into one spectacular coat.

In the wrong hands, all that black leather and shearling could end up looking like the sort of thing an over-the-hill mafia hit man might wear, but Snyder keeps it trim and luxe. We might choose a different pair of shoes to minimize the amount of black leather happening, but otherwise it’s exactly what you’d want to wrap yourself up in during weather like this.

At least one guy was totally prepared for the snowpocalypse today.

We’ve got a few more looks at the other big hits from Todd’s outerwear, including another horsehair entry to rival Joseph Abboud’s, below.